International Shipping

Courier service (Door to Door)


K-Packet is an international postal service suitable for shipping small online products that are sold online, with support from Korea Post Office.

Transit time: 6~12 business days


EMS Service offers delivery service with the fastest and most accurate through a special post-delivery network system between Korea Post and the postal administrations of other 101 countries.

Transit time: 6~10 business days


FedEx is a globally recognized courier and delivery services company that offers a wide range of shipping and logistics solutions. With reliable and expedited delivery options, advanced tracking systems, and specialized services, FedEx is a trusted choice for businesses and individuals worldwide.

Transit time: 2~6 business days

Air Freight (VAT number needed)

Air freight is the transportation of goods by aircraft. It is known for its speed, reliability, and ability to reach global destinations. It is commonly used for time-sensitive and high-value shipments.

Ocean Freight (VAT number needed)

Ocean freight is the transportation of goods by ships across oceans and seas. It is cost-effective for large shipments and commonly used for bulky or heavy cargo.

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